Water level and flow are up and clarity is down. Well the heavy rain that we got across the area last week changed what we were doing dramatically by the first of this week.

  •  9/21/2019 11:43 AM

Water level and flow are stable. Water temps have dropped about 4 degrees this week alone. The bite since my last report has went from decent (around the holiday weekend) to really good (this past seven days).

  •  9/11/2019 03:49 PM

Water level and flow are steady but water temps are starting to fall. Conditions on the river are largely unchanged since my last report other than water temp.

  •  8/29/2019 08:53 PM

Water level and flow are at summer norms. With stable conditions the bite remained solid all week on the river.

  •  8/18/2019 08:57 PM

Water levels and flow are still falling and reaching summer time norms. We are finally seeing the water fall to a more normal level than we have seen for some time.

  •  8/10/2019 05:03 PM

Water levels are still about 3’ high but steadily dropping. Kind of the same type of report as last week with us bouncing back and forth between the lake and the river.

  •  7/30/2019 12:08 PM

Water levels are unchanged which means still quite high. Consistent rains have kept the water in the river and upper end of the lake pretty dirty. Water temps are very high and likely at seasonal peaks.

  •  7/20/2019 12:10 PM

Water level has crested and started downward after a 2.5’ raise. Clarity is on the way back after getting pretty dirty. Water temps are high but at summer time norms.

  •  7/13/2019 12:14 PM

Flow and Temps are both up just a bit. Clarity went back to summertime normal. Fishing this week as a whole was decent but overall slower than the previous run we were on.

  •  6/30/2019 10:17 AM

Water levels are steadily falling while temps are staying pretty steady. Summer temps and patterns have really taken hold on the river.

  •  6/22/2019 07:19 PM

Steadily dropping water levels and pretty stable temps. Clarity remains very good. Fishing this week was overall very good.

  •  6/15/2019 12:23 PM

Water levels are still high but falling steadily. Water temps are up and clarity is still very good for river standards. We used the whole arsenal this week to catch fish.

  •  6/8/2019 12:26 PM