11 Sep

Water level and flow are stable.  Water temps have dropped about 4 degrees this week alone.

The bite since my last report has went from decent (around the holiday weekend) to really good (this past seven days).  Dragging jigs gave way to pulling crankbaits in my boat. It seemed that the stable water levels along with water temps just dropping back a few degrees kicked the fish into gear for a good stretch.

Water levels are obviously going to go up with the recent heavy rains and more predicted but the jury is still out on just how high.  This will no doubt bring a wave of fish upriver and should, barring really dirty water, make the near future bite really good. The only thing that would throw a wrench into this would be water levels spiking too much and too quickly.  

Some great pics below starting just before the holiday and ending yesterday. Here is a list that will put a name to the faces in the order they are in……Jeff Housman, Jim Goodall, Cheryl Housman, Karly Hahn, Troy Enochson, Keven Nystedt, Kevin Albertson, Brian Paulson, John Utter, Heather Weigold, Me and Darrell Weigold.

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