21 Sep

Water level and flow are up and clarity is down.

Well the heavy rain that we got across the area last week changed what we were doing dramatically by the first of this week.  We always welcome a little extra flow this time of year but too much rain too fast brought a lot of dirty water along with the 4 foot raise.  This ultimately chased us down into Lake Pepin to find cleaner water.

I spent all of this past week in the lake and spent more time chasing crappies than walleyes.  The crappie bite has been pretty good and although fish seem to be pretty scattered the size is really good.  Fish in the 11-12 inch range are the norm with a 13 incher and even bigger showing up occasionally.  Small buck tails or tube jigs as well as minnows have all taken a few fish each day depending on the structure.

We have been able to catch a few nice saugers trolling shoreline breaks each day as well.  Again not huge numbers but jumping back and forth between trolling and crappie fishing has made nice mixed bags of fish all week. 

Hopefully barring any more big rains we’ll be back in the river catching walleyes again this upcoming week.  I would guess that the jump up in flow will have called a few more fish up out of the lake.

In pics below are Matt Peters, Troy Enochson, Josh Simmons, Randy and Ronnie, Greg Liebelt and John Utter.

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