Mississippi River Pool 4 Walleye & Sauger Telemetry Study - Here is a very informative study conducted by the Minnesota DNR on pool 4 that reports seasonal walleye and sauger movement using radio telemetry.

Basic Live Bait River Rig - This rig can be used any time but times of transition are when I turn to it to put fish in the boat when other methods won't. When we are making the turn from winter to spring or summer to fall, there seems to be a small window when this really shines. I usually won't use this for long periods of time but for a few days at a time when we have had a change in season or a water level fluctuation it is very affective.

Three-way Rigging Stick Baits - The method itself is effective in many situations but it really shines as the current flows increase and water temps are in the 38-55 degree range. It will work outside of these temps but typically would be out performed by other presentations. A general calendar time frame for this would be mid October through mid May on the upper part of the Mississippi River.

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