Mississippi River Pools 2-4

Pool 4 encompasses Lake Pepin, which is roughly 23 miles long, twelve miles of river above the lake to Lock and Dam 3, and twelve miles of river and backwaters below the lake to Lock and Dam 4.

Pool 3 is a relatively short pool (about 18 miles long) but has many wingdams, cuts, and sloughs.

Pool 2 is famous as a trophy fishery. This is largely due to its catch and release restrictions.

In my opinion Pool 4 and the Lake Pepin Area is the most unique and quality fishery I have ever fished. The size and quantity of Walleyes and Sauger are phenomenal.

Spring finds many fish between the lake and the dam. As the urge to spawn drives these fish upstream, many areas in this stretch of the river become literally stacked with fish. 

Summer finds many fish back in the lake or on their way there. This time of year is fun in that many patterns develop in many different areas.

Fall is a great time for trophies and numbers as the fish feed hard before winter and are found in abundance in many areas.

Winter is also unique on this stretch. A power plant above dam 3 creates enough warm water to keep enough open water below the dam to float a boat all year.