28 Nov

Water level Is still about 2 feet high for this time of year.  Water temps are a bit lower than average by a couple degrees and clarity is good at about 1.5 feet. 

We have been able to get out a lot as of late with the warmer temps.  The bite has been consistently good through this whole stretch. Dubuque Rigs, dragging jigs/plastic or vertical jigging plastic have all been good producers.  We have had to slow it down at times with the cold water temps but when we fish in areas with very little current kicking our speeds up a bit when dragging often will trigger bites.  My rule of thumb all fall has been the more flow you are fishing, the slower you can go. The less the current the more you need to move.... up to .7 or .8 mph even in the cold water.

Some other things to note.....The Limit Creek 5'10" MLF rods that we use get positive comments every trip.  They are as good a rod as you will find for the money for doing what we do.  Dragging jigs or rigs from 1/4 - 3/4 ounces with hard line they just give you tremendous feel for what is going on on the other end of your line.  A little bit shorter at 5'10"es really helps on windy days and still has plenty of backbone when fishing heavier like we do.

Pics below include Dennis O'Brien in the first couple and the fish we kept to take home on his trip.

Next is Steve Hansen with a dandy.  Yes that is a "Hutch JIg" sticking out of its mouth.

Dan Loving and Brian Rawson are in the next two with a good pair.

The last three are Leif Knecht, Larry Larson and a sauger that fell for the bait it is pictured beside.  Also a new Hutch product called the "Wally Wacker".  This looks like another proven option we have to offer.  I'm going to have to get a bigger boat just to haul the plastic baits that I HAVE to have.



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