18 Aug

Water level and flow are at summer norms.

With stable conditions the bite remained solid all week on the river.  Dragging jigs with bait and also pulling crankbaits both have been solid producers during this stretch.  

Dragging jigs downstream is very simple in the right conditions but high winds can make this method a tough go.  Dragging as we like to call it is simply a drift, at or just a tick faster, than the speed of the current.  When a strong following or crosswind exists it is much tougher to compensate and some days almost impossible.  Pulling crankbaits has been a good option for my boat when these conditions exist.

It seems that pulling crankbaits, usually faster this time of year, either up or downstream triggers a reaction bite at times when a more natural presentation is difficult or getting ignored.

All visitors this week were returnees except for one. Buddy Howard Armstrong who is shown in the last few pics with his dad Brian and Grandpa Bill.  A great kid who loved being in the boat from start to finish. Great to see the three generation picture.

Others in pics are Jack and Taylor Hasken in the first three. 

Greg Liebelt, Leif Knecht and Les Farris in the next two.

Glenn and Mike Baker in the next four.

Followed by the Armstrongs and lastly John Utter.

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