20 Oct

Water level and flow are dropping slowly.  Temps are also on the way down but leveled off in the upper 40s.  Clarity is very good.

We migrated back into the river as this past week progressed. We did fish down in the lake on Monday but the rest of the week was spent in the upper end.  We jumped around to different spots and fished 4 different methods to stay on fish as things changed from day to day all week.  Fishing methods included fishing crankbaits on lead line, longlining crankbaits, Dubuque Rigs with plastic and vertically jigging plastic.  All were productive depending on the day and area that we fished. 

When things are changing quickly on a daily basis it takes a lot of running around to stay on fish.  Denver Mckinnon and I have been working together and sharing info on a daily, even hourly basis for a long time.  It’s great to have him to team up with and sort things out and makes us both more efficient when trying to figure out the next bite.  Another key factor is having feedback from customers who are out on their own as well.  Many times I get a text or a call from someone I have taken before giving a little info on where or what on.  This all helps in putting the pieces together. 

Pics below include John Andrews, Jeff Ross and Greg Mai in the first.

John Utter and Mitch Mcartor in the next two.

Les Ferris with a dandy (26”)

Derek Wozniak, Chuck and Joe Wolf in the next couple with fish from Thursday.

The last one is Al Klingsporn, Todd Montgomery and David Reiss with a nice batch.

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