18 Nov

High, clean and cold best describes the water on pool 4 right now.  

The bite is still going strong on the river.  Probably 75% saugers this past week but I was leaning on the deep side.  We caught fish from 12-25 fow on Dub Rigs with plastic.  The water temps have really crashed due to the cold weather and higher flow.

Reactors above the dam are operating at 100% but with the higher flows the warm water is diluted quickly with the higher percentage of cold water.  As the water level goes down the warm water will become more dominant and temps should go up a bit.

I typically will search a little deeper when the water temp goes down quickly.  It seems the shallower bite is a little tougher until the fish have time to adjust. As I said earlier we caught our fish Dubuque Rigging but a lot of them hit the jig when it was vertical.  

Gary Hawkins joined me on Wednesday morning and is shown with some good ones.  

Leif, Greg and Darrin are next with fish from Wednesday afternoon.  Again fish bit on both ends of the Rig.

The last two are from Thursday.  Mark Stien and Mike Wirz were in for a nice afternoon and cooperative fish. 

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