08 Dec

Cold, clear and still dropping slowly sums up the conditions on pool 4.

I had a week gap in reports as I have been out of state for a few days.  This report goes back to the last week in November when I was able to get out a couple days even though the weather wasn’t great.  I have not been back out in about 10 days due to the cold but this coming week looks favorable with temps around 30 for a few days.

As our water level continues to drop slowly it should make water temps climb. This is what we need to make our winter bite more consistent. Water clarity is getting to that “too good” stage and can make the bite a little more of a challenge.  If we can lose a little flow and get that temp up a bit it will help a bunch. 

The first pic below is from the 28th.  Butch Twiet is shown with a chunky sauger that was caught on….I am not quite sure. I think this one was on a Dubuque Rig but our goal was to fish multiple presentations and they all worked.  Dubs, Millers, Raps and Vertical all caught fish on a day that everything worked. 

Turn the clock ahead 24 hours to the next picture of Mike Huber.  Mike and I put in a half day and worked hard for every bite.  We ended up catching our fish vertically after not much else worked.  Conditions were almost identical to the previous day but the bite was totally different.  Hence the old adage…..”That’s Fishing”.

We will be sprinkling in some ice fishing along with open water trips as we go forward as weather and ice allow. 

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