25 Nov

Cold, clean and stable sum up the conditions on pool 4.

As we fished last week the level and flow were just creeping down and getting close to normal.  Now as I write this report the level and flow are just starting an upward trend again due to the rain we just received. 

This will make our water temps a little on the colder side (34-35 degrees) versus the warmer temps (37-38 degrees) that we are used to with lower levels in the winter.  This might make our fish a little more sluggish than normal and require a little more persistence to get them to bite in the near future.

Trips last week were still really good as we ran Dubuque rigs all week.  Pulling baits slowly upstream while fishing in a little more flow and almost vertical holding them when we were in less current.  Still an all plastic bite for my boat.

We spent most of the week dodging cold weather but got trips in on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Dan Loving and Dennis Eaton joined me on Monday. A pretty good bite as Dennis shows off matching pairs of walleyes and saugers.

Tuesday we shortened our day due to the cold but still had time for a great half day.  Zach Foeller, Pat Hilt and I fished our way through a bunch of good saugers and a few eyes. Zach and I are shown with some of our best.

Wednesday I spent the morning with Dick Ridout and Jim Ritter. Two old river rats that I have known for years.  It was fun to spend a few hours in the same boat and catch a few fish in the process. They are in the last pics with a sample of each species.

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