22 Jun

Water levels are steadily falling while temps are staying pretty steady.

Summer temps and patterns have really taken hold on the river.  Still pulling crankbaits but also seeing the jig/bait dragging become more effective all the time.  This will become our main presentation if the river keeps falling as it is now.  Not only is it effective but a pretty fun way to catch as it is done with lighter tackle than most other methods we use on the river.

A few thoughts on what is happening in general on our whole system right now. As our river continues to fall the fish that have remained up in the smaller rivers and creeks will continue to filter out into the main river. My gut tells me that a lot of the fish that have stayed up in these smaller tributaries will filter out into the main river and stay there for the remainder of the summer.  There was a large number of fish that already fell back into Lake Pepin and I’m sure a few more will go but I think the fish have picked their spots so to speak.  Obviously just theory but it is the feeling I get based on the patterns I have seen from past years.  

The bottom line is there should be a lot of great fishing on the river in the very near future and beyond no matter where you choose to fish.  From our catches as of late there are great numbers of many different year classes both walleyes and saugers.

A lot of folks in pics below from top to bottom….The first two are Mike Otto and Matt Fehey.

The next four are Sandy and Jerry Lathrop.  Sandy had top honors with a dandy caught trolling a crankbait.

Ken Starks was in with Mitch Mcartor and is shown with a couple dandies from Thursday.  

Jim Beech in the next couple with a flathead catfish and a nice eye from Friday.  

Dan and Julie Holgate and Niki Schmitz joined Tara and me for the day on Saturday.  As you can see in the last five pics everyone got in on the fun but Julie had top honors.  A great way to spend a weekend day with friends with a stop at the Harbor Bar to break it up.

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