10 Aug

Water levels and flow are still falling and reaching summer time norms.

We are finally seeing the water fall to a more normal level than we have seen for some time.  As this happens at this time of the year we see our river walleyes migrate to areas that are generally fairly shallow with a good amount of flow. Our water temps are still quite high so it’s our guess that oxygen and bait are both key factors in where these summer fish end up.

The great part about this is that August, which is considered “The Dog Days”, on many bodies of water can mean just the opposite on the river.  When things line up just right our bite really catches fire.  This is kind of what we saw last week and barring any big changes should last a while yet.  It typically won’t last forever but will hang on for a couple weeks or even more.

Dragging jigs with bait was a great producer for my boat this past week. Crawlers seem to be the bait of choice on the jigs most all week.  We did catch a lot of fish on crankbaits as well.  As always experiment with colors every day to see which one gets the most attention.

Pics go all the way back to the end of last week with Dean Benoy and Kevin Albertson in the first.  Still a little slow then but a few decent ones found the boat. 

The next five are from the next few days with Dale Collingwood and his daughters Deb Nelson, Bev Belzer and Lisa Peterson and Niece Rhonda Griffin. A great run with this crew as the fish were very cooperative.

The next two are of Dean Olson.  He and Bob Lee joined me for another fun day of catching.

The last couple are Rod Cronbaugh and Craig Van Scoyoc from Friday. 

A great week of catching up with a few old friends and meeting a few new ones as well and catching walleyes in the process.

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