13 Jul

Water level has crested and started downward after a 2.5’ raise.  Clarity is on the way back after getting pretty dirty.  Water temps are high but at summer time norms.

A little span between reports with the holiday keeping me off the water for a few days.  More local and upstream rain brought the river back up again and a little dingy water with it. Not real muddy but the combination of the two toughened things up in the upper end by early week.  

We chased fish down in the lake the rest of the week with mixed results each day.  Early on a pretty good trolling bite but dirty water and a pretty big fly hatch forced us to change gears again.  Again we jumped around and found a good deep trolling bite late in the week to put some fish in the boat.  

This stretch was really indicative of how our system can change overnight from really good to really tough and also how it is big enough and diverse enough to be able to find a bite somewhere.  

Pics below include Tom Klanchnik from before the fourth.

Bridger Hahn with a couple caught on jigs/bait.

Next is Al, Paul and Laird Patten.  Three generations in the boat at once is always great to see.

Dan Loving with a nice sauger. 

Mitch and Stephanie Lancaster with a few of our catch from Friday morning.

Hopefully with a little dry weather we will fall into a more normal stretch.  If not we’ll keep chasing wherever we need to.  

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