11 Jul

Conditions are back to normal after recovering from a raise and dirty water.

We were able to get back on track in the river this past week.  As is always the case our bite is really dictated by conditions.  When conditions are right we can usually have some success.  From the start of the week when we were still a little dirty to the end when we were back to normal the bite was spotty but overall pretty good. 

We become so dependent on finding just the right flow to catch fish when our water temps reach the "bath water warm" temps that we have faced the last couple weeks.  A couple things seem to be common in the areas we catch fish in these very hot conditions and they are pretty good flow and hard bottom such as riprap, gravel or clams.  Side chutes that funnel water or wing dams both usually have these ingredients.  Finding the right ones with the right flow is the puzzle we try to put together each trip.  

Again many things work this time of year to put fish in the boat.  Throwing or pulling crankbaits, dragging or throwing jigs and pulling bait on three-ways or bottom bouncers are good options to try when these fish can be a little finicky.

Roger Wells and Roger Day are in the first pic with some fish that were caught pulling leeches and crawlers.

Yours truly with a nice low 20s fish caught on bait.

Dolly Peters is next with a couple good ones caught in the rain.

Mike Otto next and then the rest of the crew Travis Otto and Matt Fahey with a few from Friday.

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