30 Jun

Flow and Temps are both up just a bit.  Clarity went back to summertime normal.

Fishing this week as a whole was decent but overall slower than the previous run we were on.  Bouncing around dragging jigs/bait, pulling bait and pulling cranks all caught some fish this week.  It’s just a matter of having an idea going into an area what you think should work but trying a couple different methods if you are confident there are fish in the area.

There will be adjustments daily as the water fluctuates. Don’t hurry through areas too fast. Force yourself to make a few passes in each area especially if there has been fish around the area.  Sometimes it takes a few passes to see the right seam or just how the current is rolling through that area.

Pictures below include Larry Edel, Jacob Frokjar, me, Austin Backstrom, Luke Randolph and Rob and Joe Schwenson.

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