01 Jun

The water is still very high but cresting again.  Very clean and water temps on the rise.

Another week behind us and although a short one we covered a lot of water and used multiple presentations to put some fish in the boat.   Pulling bait, Pulling crankbaits on lead and pulling cranks on hard line all saw equal time and all produced well at one time or another.  

When fishing up in the river itself we used live bait on three-ways with either leeches or crawlers or flat lined crankbaits to catch our fish.  They really didn’t seem to be color or bait specific but kind of all over the board in my boat.

Down in the lake we used lead line to get our crankbaits down into the 15-20’ range or used the same three-way and bait rigs as up in the river to be effective. As you can see in pics the quality of fish was really good.

John Utter and Mitch Mcartor are shown in the first few pics with some from Thursday and Friday. Always fun with these Cedar Rapids, Iowa natives.   

I made the page with a fish from early in the week.  Denver and I made it out for a scout trip and had good results. 

Ryan and Steve gates are in the last two.  I nice batch of eaters and one big Flathead that inhaled a crankbait.  Good to finally get to fish with these two.  We had to cancel a couple times previously due to weather or water that wasn’t cooperating.

With any luck we’ll shut off the spigot and get the water back down into its banks sometime in the near future.

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