18 May

Water levels are still high but SLOWLY falling.  Clarity is very good (about 1’) and temps on the rise.

Not a lot of change from last week other than water temp which is up quite a bit. Catching was still really good all week with fish willing to chase a variety of baits. This is a product of steadily warming water that is about as clear as it could be for this time of year in the river.  Pitching jigs, pulling bait and pulling crankbaits were all effective ways to put fish in the boat.

Still the biggest factor is staying on the move if you’re not getting bit.  Areas can be full of fish one minute and empty the next so jumping around is important. The biggest change from last week other than water temp was the amount of saugers that showed up in our catches.  They seem to be a week to ten days behind the walleyes in their movements all year long whether it’s spring or fall. 

Going forward we will be watching the weather as usual.  There is a lot of rain in the forecast which is not what we need right now but is always the driving factor that effects water height and clarity.  With any luck we will start missing a few of these and get our water back in its banks.

The nice part about the pics below is that no one had a raincoat on.  Pics include Deb Twiet(floater/ leech)…Kathy(Jointed Rap) and Bryan Pieper(jig/crawler)…John Link and John Boldt(cranks/jigs) and Mark and Doug Mcmanemy(cranks/jigs).

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