26 May

Water levels are on the way up again.  Clarity is still very good as of Sunday.

Last week was another good week on the river.  Numbers were down just a tic but still enough to put together good days if you worked at it.  

Still a ton of little walleyes and saugers in our catches while trolling which is great to see.  

Pulling leeches, crawlers or chubs on three-ways is also effective.  Pick your poison and put in your time and the results will likely be good. 

Roger Budny and Ray Gloor are in the first three pics.  

Darrell Wahe is next with a nice saugeye.  The clean water really makes the markings stick out on all the fish.  

Last is my boat at the Harbor Bar.  Just another foot and I’ll be able to drive right in the front door. Only fitting that the Mallard pair was feeding right under the boat.

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