27 Apr

Very high….yet.  That about sums up the level of the river.  Clarity is quite good and water temps are slowly climbing.

This has no doubt been a challenging spring.  High water has forced us to cover some miles looking for some fishable water that had fish willing to bite.  This is a big part of what makes the river a fun place to fish.  Ever changing, difficult but very rewarding because of its great population of fish.

Brett King, Denver Mckinnon and I teamed up on Monday to find the next bite so to speak.  We fished a few spots before we did find the bite we were looking for. Once we did find a fishable bunch we were able to stay on them all week long to keep folks catching.  

Dubuque Rigs with plastic was still the best presentation to keep getting bit. Hutch’s flukes, various ring worms and paddle tails have been the best producers and I even had minnows catch a few toward the end of the week as the bite slowed a little.

Fun to get out with return clients as well as new this past week.  Monday was really fun as Brett, Denver and I were able to share a boat for the first time ever. Below you will see fish from every day last week.

Brett King, me Marty Hahn, Denver, Bob Becker, Rich Johnson, Jim Thompson, Mark Sindlinger, Fred Evans and Sarah Maruska make up the photo page this week.  A lot of others shared in the fun and all caught fish, these were just some of the highlights. 

Thanks to all who come to join in on the fun!

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