05 May

High but falling and very clean with water temps on the rise sum up the conditions on the river at Red Wing.

We experienced a pretty good trolling bite all week long.  A little spotty at times but generally good.  

With the water in good shape and falling steadily we should have a solid bite as we move forward barring any big rains that could dirty the water.  This will be a fun week as we will be able to fish many areas that become good as the water recedes.  Areas that have too much current today will be just right to hold fish in a couple days.

Pictures below include ….Tom Riley, Sarah Skluzacek, Brianna Antiela, Brianna with Packer glove trouble, Spud, Bob Herman, Kevin Weitzel, Kevin Weitzel with a rare double, Dan Sorenson with a rarer Brown Trout and Kevin, Steve and Dan with our catch from Friday. 

Thanks to all for their patience this year as the conditions have created a little bit of a challenge trying to get everyone rescheduled when we did have cancelations.  It looks like things are finally headed in the right direction.  

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