20 Apr

Still high and back on the rise. Clarity was still decent as of Friday afternoon. Water temps are on the rise.

Well we are progressing through another spring and again we are experiencing conditions that I have never seen before.  Water levels are extremely high and back on the rise but fishing remains quite good. It seems the walleyes are quite a ways through their spawn and the saugers are just getting started but will likely go quickly with water temps increasing rapidly in the near future. 

Dubuque Rigging with plasitcs has been my go to all week. Kind of a broken record with this pattern but it is such a good way to keep baits in the strike zone it is hard to beat.  

Our catch has been mostly saugers with a few walleyes scattered in during this last week.  Walleyes typically use shallower water and the fact that we have literally thousands of acres of flooded timber for them to roam right now explains a lot.

The good news with the sustained high water that is warming quickly is we should be set up for a very successful spawn. 

Some of the faces you will see in pictures below…Dennis Skeel, Marty Hahn, Bruce Lippincott, Tom Meyer, Bret Borth, Dave Voissem, a nice Saugeye, Karl Hokanson and David Reiss.  

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