14 Apr

Still very high but clean water describe the river pretty well right now.

Well finally after the deluge of water we received from the rain and snowmelt we have crested and started to fall.  I mean there is a ton of water in the system right now but it has cleaned up nicely from the dirty cold water of last week.  

Although most accesses were closed we were able to get on the river all of this past week.  The biggest concern if you do get on the river during these high conditions is the damage you can cause with your wake.  Going slow and as far away from flooded property needs to be your priority during these extremes.

With water temps and clarity where they are at we were able to catch fish on plastics all week long.  Fish are concentrated in areas with less current and pinned tightly to current seems in these areas.  The spawn has definitely started as we have boated a few walleyes that were already spawned out.  This is very normal with the calendar where it is at right now.  

Below are some pics from the week that include Gary Kull, David Reiss, Butch Twiet, Larry Buck and myself.

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