22 Mar

Water has crested at Red Wing and is predicted to hold steady for the next few days.  Clarity is good at 6-8 inches and water temps should crack the 40 degree mark sometime this week.

We have seen a big change over the past few days.  Water that was on the rise and just had that unsettled look to it has turned into what we want to see after a raise.  It is hard to explain but when we can see 6-8 inches and the water has lost its roiled look we know the good bite is soon to follow.  As we started the week we had to use a mixture of hair/meat, minnows on a bare hook and plastic to get bit but by weeks end we were using all plastic in my boat and the bites we were getting were way more aggressive.  

The way we fish is also dictated by the amount of current and specific area we are fishing.  Some areas clear a little quicker than others and visibility can be a tic better in those spots as well.  Options increase dramatically when the clarity increases. 

The first few below are from early this week.  Mike Cochran, Buck and Don Bird are shown with some of the fish we worked pretty hard for.

Next are Leif Knecht, Larry Larson and Jeff Fowler.  We had a nice bunch to keep and they are shown with all the fish that we were able to put back.

Denver is last with a dandy from Saturday.  He, Bridger and I had a fun day and a few nice fish.

So as we go forward in this very uncertain time, I am going to continue to run trips on the river as long as it is acceptable to do so.  We are cleaning equipment at the end of each day and feel that as we are outdoors and aware of each others space we can operate safely.  We may get other directives in the future that tell us otherwise and will follow whatever rules are handed down to keep everyone safe.  

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