20 Jul

Water levels are unchanged which means still quite high. Consistent rains have kept the water in the river and upper end of the lake pretty dirty.  Water temps are very high and likely at seasonal peaks.

After fishing in the upper end early in the week with very little luck we focused our efforts in the bottom half of the lake the rest of the week where water clarity remains very good.  Pulling cranks on lead line, although not my favorite way to fish, kept us getting bit all week.  Mostly a sauger bite in these deeper stretches with all sizes showing up in our catches from 10 to 20 inches.

There has been a few fly hatches the last couple weeks but seem scattered and not a huge detriment to the bite although combined with the dirtier water is probably not helping the situation in the upper end.  

John Ross is first up in pics with a nice eye that was just a tic under 25”es.

Jeff Green and Martin Hentges are next with a nice one and a nice bunch.

The last pic is Cameron Schmitt and Gary Boland from Friday morning.

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