04 Aug

Flow and levels are low with clarity above average.

In my 20 years on this stretch of river, I have never seen a flow reading of 5450 at Dam #3 above Red Wing. This makes finding flow that much more important to finding active fish if fishing in the river itself. 

We have been targeting main river stretches with rip rap or scattered rock and flow along with wing dams. It has been more important that ever to target the first dam in the series or longer dams with the tips sticking out farther than the ones above them. The more defined rock on these dams the better.

Crankbaits have produced a few fish when trolling main river stretches. Willow Cats have been the best bait on the wing dams and crawlers a distant second.

I haven't chased the panfish much yet but will surely be mixing those in on trips in the near future. 

A few pics below to show there is still life on the river.

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