07 Jul

Summertime low is a good description of the conditions on the river currently.

The bite is still going strong. Since the last report we have been trolling, trolling and trolling some more.  It has just been the best way to put fish in the boat through this whole stretch. I have veered off and used bait a few times with some success but cranks have just been better. Various colors of #7 Flicker Shads have been the ticket.

WIth the low flows we have right now, a switch to bait is likely in our near future but until the fish tell us this we will continue to drop the kicker motor and go. Not every fish in the pictures below were caught on crankbaits but 90% were.

Going forward, finding areas with more flow will likely be the key to success. Wing dam tips or dams that are the most upstream in a series will be the best producers along with necked down areas and outside bends in the river channel. 

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