10 Jun

Conditions are back to normal for this time of year. 

Our conditions have been good as we rolled through the end of May and into June. Our only blip was some dirty water that got dumped in from the Minnesota River which slowed the bite for a couple of days in mid May. Outside of that we have been catching pretty consistently most every day.

Crankbaits were the bait of choice most of the way through May but leeches and crawlers have been our go to for the past couple of weeks. Pulling upstream and down, with 2 to 3 ounces of weight, has been the trigger. The heavier weights let us fish quicker for these very aggressive fish this time of year.

We have been dragging lighter jigs/bait downstream a little and will go to this method predominantly as we get deeper into summer and flow gets lighter.

Below are a few from the last few weeks. Great to see all the familiar faces and a couple new ones.

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