02 Sep

Stable and low best describe the river conditions currently.

The last month has been pretty typical for low flows and late summer. Fish respond pretty well at times and are pretty stubborn at others. Every type of structure has been in play as of late as long as you have the key ingredient.....FLOW. If you don't have that you don't have a fish that will bite.

I sound like a broken record this time of year but it is really what puts fish in the boat for me. Wing dam tips, pinch points, outside bends, anything that will force current through and area quicker than the surrounding areas. I'm obviously talking about the river itself and not the lake.

Crankbaits, Jigs/bait, small hair jigs or willow cats on a dork rig all have caught fish in the last month for me. As we go through September these presentations will all continue to catch fish and our bite will likely be a little more consistent as we go.

We haven't spent a lot of time targeting crappies lately but pan fishing in general has been pretty good throughout the system.

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