10 Jul

Very high but falling steadily are the conditions on the river right now.

Fishing has remained good before, during and after the historic high water we have endured. We really just adjust locations as the river rises and falls. Fishing live bait on jigs or behind bottom bouncers has been our main techniques for catching over the past few weeks. I have fished from the mouth of the St. Croix to the bottom of Lake Pepin and a dozens of spots in between to stay on biting walleyes. We do spend a lot of time fishing areas that are not productive but not as many as we use to. Electonics play a huge part in locating areas that have fish. I use Garmin products and find them invaluable when in search mode. Side imaging took a while to get used to but now would be the one feature I wouldn't want to be without.

Some pictures below that show off some of the resident population we are fortunate to have swimming in our waters.

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