27 May

Water levels are high but clarity is good. 

We have really broken out of the drought cycle in a big way. Not too long ago we were wondering if, by midsummer, we would have enough water to navigate. Now our levels are above normal and we are definitely in a wet cycle. Funny how we always end up back to what we consider normal, but have to navigate some rough patches to get there.

Our bite has been very good outside of small stretch where the water was coming up quickly and got dirty. Many presentations have taken us through the last few weeks. Pulling crankbaits, dragging jigs/bait and now pulling bait have been the most common. 

I won't dwell on too many details but we really let conditions dictate what and when we do what we do. Water temp, clarity, flow, calendar, wind and did I mention clarity, are all key parts to the puzzle. 

We should be set up for a great stretch ahead with the higher levels we now have. This will keep river stretches good for a while as fish will stay in cuts and tributaries longer. 

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