13 May

Steadily falling, clean and warming would summarize the conditions on Pool 4.

Another interesting spring is largely behind us. Through this stretch we managed to get out almost every day even with the record high water levels. Water clarity remained very good all the way through this stretch as the majority of the runoff came from northern snow melt versus rainfall runoff from the Minnesota River. This is all about to change as the Minnesota River Valley has been getting pounded with heavy rains.

Plastic baits on various rigs accounted for most of our fish the last few weeks. Dubuque Rigs, light jig dragging and light jig pitching were the presentations used to present these artificials. The last week has been a crankbait thing as the water temps got to and above 50 degrees. This is always our benchmark to switch to the quicker method to trigger bites.

High current areas have kicked out some big male fish that were finishing up their spawning ritual while long deep current seems gave up more female fish.

Below are just a handful from the last three weeks.

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