16 Apr

Flood stage high and rising is the river status right now.

As you can see by the stage and flow we have come up to the levels we did not want to see. All accesses in Red Wing are closed until the water comes down to manageable level. 

Before the water came up we had a pretty good run. Quite a few good days as the water was rising slowly and warming up. Early in this stretch we did have a three day window that was extremely tough as the water got a little dirty and fell back a couple degrees. Once we got past that the switch turned back on.

Dubuque Rigs with plastic caught most of the fish seen below but a few pitching jigs and blades as well. A few of those heavy females were showing up each day. Those are the reason our river is so busy this time of year.

It will be a week or so before we can get back at it at Red Wing but my guess is that post spawn bite will be a good one.

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