24 Mar

Low water levels and flow along with about 3 foot clarity and above normal temps are what we have on the river at Red Wing right now.

I've been back at it for a couple of weeks now. The bite in general has been really good throughout the whole stretch. Most of our catch has been saugers as you can see below with a few more walleyes showing up in the last few trips.

Plastics of all shapes and sizes fished a variety of ways have been effective. Fishing vertically with Sauger Slayers was our go to on most days but pulling upstream with Millers and Dubuque Rigs filled the bill when we weren't vertical.

The low water has our fish scattered all over creation. It looks like we may get a little increase in flow by the weekend which should help push another wave of fish upriver. That along with the fact it will be about the first part of April.

If past experience is worth anything, we should be in for the best part of the spring in the next few weeks.

A few pics below...All the single saugers are from 21-22 inches. 

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