06 Jul

Low flow, low level and high water temps are the report of conditions on the river.

The bite is still steady on the river even with the long stretch of lower than average water levels. We have still been catching our fish in higher flow areas with 2-8 fow being most productive. Dragging jigs is still the go to method and as of late a piece of night crawler has been the best.  

Trolling did give up some nice fish the one time we tried so is a viable option as well.  It pays to have multiple rigs at the ready so you can pop in and try something without having a lot of time invested.

Angie Ross, Sheryl Curl, John Ross, Brett Wenzel, John Shearen, Paul Diegneau, Laura Eller and Andre Passas are all shown in pics below.

Pretty amazing how this system keeps kicking out fish even through the hot weather and low water we have been having.    

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