16 Jul

Low water and low flow are still the key factors on the river.

Trips over the past 10 days have still been yielding some nice fish but not at the pace of a couple weeks ago.  We have been grinding on spots in multiple ways to try and coax fish that have a lot to eat right now.  Throwing cranks, trolling cranks, dragging jigs/bait, throwing jigs/bait and vertically jigging have all caught fish over this stretch. 

It really depends on what structure you are fishing and when you are fishing it in determining what to use.    I can use the pictures below to give good examples.  

Mike and Glenn Becker have a fish that Mike caught while pitching a jig/crawler to shallow rocks.  We also caught a few dragging jigs downstream in 3-10 fow.

Next is Leif Knecht with a 27" fish.  This one was caught pulling crankbaits on lead line in about 16 fow. When we start digging deeper than 13 or 14 feet I typically have better luck with lead at least while trolling.

Jake Schmidt, Tim Stier and Matt Fehey are shown next with a few of the fish we caught on their outing. A few trolling deep, a few dragging shallow and a couple pitching on this day.

The last one is your truly with nice fish that was caught on a jig/crawler pitched to a wingdam.  I got to jump in with Brian Paulson on Thursday and we were able to catch a few on crankbaits and on jigs and I didn't have to drive... Thanks Brian!

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