05 Aug

Low level and flow are still the driving factors when it comes to conditions on the river.

Over the past few weeks we have been catching a few decent fish as you can see below. This has not been a numbers game by any stretch of the imagination.  

Grinding it out has been the name of the game whether it's on wing dams, trolling in the river or on the lake. Find a spot that has a few and beat on it or spot jump if you have enough areas for a milk run. No. 7 Berkley Flicker Shads in natural colors have been the best bait as of late for my boat.

The panfish bite has been decent from time to time as well. I have not spent a lot of time at it yet but will in the near future. 

Brian Paulson is up first below with a 24+" fish he picked off the tip of a dam with a jig.

Kevin Dibbley with another wing dam fish. Another one that fell for a jig.

Deb Nelson and Lisa Peterson in the next couple with one big ugly drum and a few nice eyes.

Bev Belzer with a dandy caught on a trolled Flicker Shad.

Braxton Baines and his great grandpa Dale Collingwood with another trolled up fish.

Deb Nelson shows off a nice gill.

Lisa Peterson is next with a 19 incher.

Last up are Braxton and his mom Dana Wiebold with another lower twenties fish.

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