15 Aug

Conditions are pretty good right now on the river with normal level, flow, temp and clarity.  We are on the rise though and scheduled to go up a couple feet over the next week.

Really a mixed bag week with a few walleyes each day, a great bluegill bite and a few dandy crappies in the process.  We really can still catch quite a few walleyes in a day but most are sub 15 inch fish.  A few legals each day and a big here and there but many, many that are 10-14 inches and a product of the last couple years successful spawns.  Pulling crankbaits has been the best producer for the bigger fish with jig dragging the best for numbers.

Panfish get my attention every year starting about this time especially If we have normal vs high water conditions.  These lower flows let fish leak up into the lower stretches of the river above the lake where we can target them more effectively.  Underwater brush is really the key and as we go forward main river rip rap with just the right amount of current will be a magnet as well. 

Here is a rundown of pics this week....Mitch Mcartor, his wife Lora and Aunt Carol in the first couple with a few eyes from early in the week.

Gershom Wu, Mike Jereczek and Bill Burke in the next 3.  Gershom had top honors with his 25.75" fish.

Jason, Nathan and Steve Meyer caught the table full of fish but were in the car drying out when I took this picture.  We endured a long soaking rain to catch these.

Scott, Brad and Bryan Maxwell are in the next couple with another mixed bag.

Brent Paulsen and his boys Cartor and Dillon were in for a half day and show off some dandies in the last three.  These kids did a great job staying dialed in all morning to whatever we were doing.

We have a rising river so things will be changing as we go through this week.  We could see some fish movement upstream with the increased flow as it is about that time of year.

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