27 Jun

Flow, level, clarity and temps are all in what I would call the normal zone for summer.

We have really fallen into mid summer patterns on the river.  The walleye bite has been pretty solid all week and I was able to dip into the panfish with some success as well.  

Again this week pulling bait (leeches/crawlers) seems to be the best way to put fish in my boat.  I prefer to drag light jigs downstream in the summer when I can but the wind really dictates whether or not we can do that effectively.  Pulling bait on heavier three way rigs or bouncers lets us fish in more current and more wind while having complete control over speed and depth.  Most fish this week were still caught on the shallow side, from 4-12 fow.  One other thing to note is that many of our fish have come pulling these rigs downstream depending on the day.

We did fish for panfish for a few hours on Tuesday and although we didn't catch great numbers the quality was really good.  Fishing right down into the wood with a small weedless jig/worm was the ticket.  It seemed that the bluegills were just in the middle of the spawn, at least early last week, on the stretch we were fishing.

Pics below include Kurt Fies and Paul Grunau in the first couple with a few.  Pulling bait and crankbaits caught fish on this day.

Brenda and Dick Kath and Bob Abb show off some of the gills that we caught early in the week.

The next couple are John and Angie Ross and Sheryl Curl.  We spent a couple great days chasing with pretty good results.

Last is Codie Auren and Jamie Hinton from Friday.  A group outing with Brian Backstrom and his crew which is always a lot of fun.  Brett King and Denver Mckinnon also had a boatful of guys and fish on this annual event.


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