22 Aug

Level, flow and clarity are all very normal right now on the river.

Much of the same on the river this week.  We are still catching a few walleyes and the panfish bite is very good.  Most everyone comes to our stretch of the river for walleyes but when they see the size of our panfish they are usually very willing to visit that bite for at least a while each day. 

Keegan and Colton Staab were in with their dad Randy.  They show off a sample of our mixed bag in the first picture.

The second picture is Ryan Bastian, Eric and Hunter Hartgrave and Bryson Bastian.  Ryan, Bryson and I took the walleye shift while Eric and Hunter did a good job on the bluegills.  Fun day with two boats.

Manny was in with his Aunt Laurel and is shown with a big "gill", his first legal walleye and with Laurel in the last one.  Again fun afternoon doing a mixed bag trip.

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