06 Jul

Flow, Level and water temps are pretty normal for this time of year.

A great bite over this last couple of weeks on the river. Pulling crawlers/leeches up and downstream behind bottom bouncers was the best tactic every day for my boat to get bit.

Dragging jigs/bait and pulling cranks has also been effective in the right spots. Some days just switching up your presentation in the same spot will make all the difference. I recall one day when dragging jigs and pulling cranks got little or nothing but a switch to pulling bait, in the same spot, got bit consistently.

Throwing jigs or throwing crankbaits are also great presentations right now in the right spots at the right time.

In pics below we have Scott Spehar with a pair of good ones and Adam Licar, Scott and Kyle Antilla with a bunch.

Dennis and John Golden in the next couple with some more dandies.

John Utter with a 25.5" fish caught pulling downstream.

Karen, Darrell and Heather Weigold with a nice three person limit mostly caught dragging jigs.

Carson, Phil and Rich Kay all three with good fish. Phil had top honors with a 28"er. That one was on bait.

John Ross was up last with a 24" fish on a bouncer and bait.  

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