20 Jun

Conditions are good with level, flow and temps all about summertime normal.

Again this week we have utilized three different presentations to keep catching each day.  Pulling bait slowly on three way rigs, dragging jigs/bait slowly downstream and pulling crankbaits all have caught good numbers of fish and like always it really depends on the area we are fishing on what we use.  It's really a matter of trial and error but if you are confident there are fish in the area it is good to try at least a couple different methods before moving on to another location.  Let the fish tell you what they want sort of thing.

Below in pics are Matt and Roger Budny with a good days catch. 

John Braiden with with a nice eye and the rest of the crew Dusty Dierks and Tom Riley with the take home fish.

John Klanchnik is next with a 26 inch fish caught on a crankbait and another pair of dandies that were released.

Todd Williams is next with big old summer fish caught pulling a leech slowly upstream with a bouncer rig.

He and Mitch Mcartor with a nice pair in the last photo.  

The one thing that is very evident as we fish each day on Pool 4 are the numbers of 8-14 inch fish that we see come to the boat.  We were told that the walleyes and saugers had very successful spawns during 2018 and 2019 and the numbers don't lie.  We should have some great years ahead as many of these fish will start to reach the 15-17 inch range by next year.    

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