19 Jun

Water levels are still falling but slowly. Temps are pretty normal.

We've had a pretty good stretch of weather and fishing. With water levels on the steady decline and water temps on the steady incline we have been hunting in many spots with a few different methods. Most days have been pretty good with crankbaits, bait upstream or bait downstream all having their moments. 

It has been a little hard to predict which presentation will work each day so experimentation has been the only way to pin it down. Bait either worked up and down with three-way rigs or jigs/bait worked down with the current has been the best as of late. 

Shannon Hennessey leads it off below with a good one(24"es).

Ace Koleznar had the fish of the week (29.25"es) That big one inhaled a jointed crankbait.

Greg Liebelt and Julie Maxson are next with a few. Notice we were supporting the farmers as we butchered.

James Jensen and John Utter with a nice two man limit on crankbaits.

Doug Mcmanemy is in the last couple with a pair of low 20" fish caught on bait.

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