06 Jun

Water level and flow are on the decline with clarity about normal for June.

Really a fun week on the water as we used multiple techniques to catch our fish.  The presentations we use are most always dictated by the conditions and areas we are fishing.  This couldn't have been more true as we worked our way through the week.

We started our week out relying mostly on crankbaits.  Pulling baits in six to ten feet of water seemed to be the ticket to getting bit on a regular basis. As we worked our way through the week we would drag jigs downstream if the wind and current were right but jumped over to bait pulling when conditions dictated.  By weeks end we relied entirely on pulling bait on three-way rigs to catch our fish.

This was a great example of why it is good to build confidence in a few different methods.  We are going through a stretch where the water is falling quickly therefore conditions are changing from one day to the next.  

A quick rundown on the pics.....First is Mike Triggs with a dandy(28') caught on a crankbait and the rest of the crew....Steve DeMars and Jim Wissler... with some they took home.

Next are Steve Grosch and Mike Melom(27").  Steve's on a crankbait and Mike's dragging a jig.

Doug and Garet Sims with a nice bunch caught dragging jigs.

The last two are Chuck Rodman Lorn Manthey and Cliff Johnson with a great bunch of fish all caught pulling bait.

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