14 Jun

Water level is actually back up about a foot from midweek lows and a touch above normal.  Clarity is pretty summer normal with a lot of traffic on the river.

Fishing this week was pretty good all the way through.  We again used multiple methods through the week to catch 'em.  Dragging jigs/bait downstream, pulling crankbaits and also pulling three ways/bait all had their time and place.  There was live bait involved every day at some point.  This is the time of year that crawlers and leeches put fish in the boat more consistently than cranks at least for my boat.  We still catch fish on cranks as well but bait is more reliable day in and day out.

Below in pics are Don Kubesh with a crankbaited walleye

Jackie and Robbie Dyson with a nice bunch all caught dragging.  

John Utter and Mitch Mcartor with a couple handfuls.  These were all on three ways/bait.

My daughter Karly with a 21 inch fish on her 21rst birthday and Jake Christopherson and her with a few others from the day, again on bait rigs.

Last is Brad and Niki Schmitz with a few.  It took a little dragging and a little pulling to catch these.

Conditions on the river are good right now and look to remain that way into the near future.

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