25 May

Conditions are pretty normal on the river after some rains bumped us back up a bit. Clarity is still very good.

Overall the bite is still really good. With water temps up near or at 70 degrees the fish are really active and can be caught multiple ways.  Over this last stretch we have caught them pulling crankbaits, dragging jigs/bait downstream and pulling bait on three way rigs up and downstream.

Crankbaits are a good option this time of year. They let you cover water and put your baits in front of a lot of fish, many of which are pretty aggressive and ready to chase.

Dragging jigs downstream with the current is my go to in the warm water period. Just a fun and effective way to put numbers and size in the boat. Usually done with a 1/16 oz. jig and 1/2 a crawler or a leach and drifted or pulled downstream the speed of the current.

When the wind kicks up it makes dragging a little more challenging and at times impossible. When this happens we get out the rigging rods and pull live bait slowly up and down stream.  This gives us more control to put baits where they need to be for a longer time.  

A lot of familiar faces in pics below...Greg Liebelt, John Link, John Boldt and Duane Ollendick are in the first few with low to mid 20 inch walleyes.

Next is the crew from New Prague. Trevor Schmitz, Brandon Anderson, Bob Schmitz, "Skinny", Matt Schmitz and Brad Schmitz. Brett King and I teamed up to be entertained by this crew early in the week. They put together a nice bunch during this father son outing.

Next up are Chuck Rodman, Cliff Johnson and Bill Barnes with some more solid fish. Last is Leif Knecht with the fish of the week.  28 1/2 inches caught rigging a crawler.

Should be a lot of good days ahead.

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