05 Sep

Conditions are good on the river with very normal level, flow and temp.

A little gap in reports as I was away from the river for about a week.  We got back at it this week and found a few fish willing to cooperate with our most success on crankbaits.  Dragging crawlers was a good bet as well when the wind would cooperate. 

It seemed by the amount of saugers in our catch that we have had a little movement of fish up river.  This is our typical indicator that fall is upon us.  A trickle of small saugers with a few bigger fish in the mix is normally the first change we see each year.  How many more and how fast they come can be determined by conditions as much as calendar.  I think the water temp is a big factor too.  We did dip below 70 degrees and it looks as though we will fall down into the 60s with the forecast I'm seeing.

Jacob and Bonnie Clark show off some early fall fish in the first few pics.  We were forced to pull crankbaits all day due to the high winds and this proved to be a good thing.

Mut, Cheryl, Jim and Lynn are in the next few.  They were in for their annual pre Labor Day trip.  Good thing they brought Cheryl along as she did the heavy lifting most all day.

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