09 Oct

Low level and flow are still the dominant factors on the river at this time.  Very stable describes it well.

The bite in general has picked up dramatically since my last report. We haven't had an increase in flow or much of a decline in water temps but we have had a movement of fish come up river.  Shorter days must have a lot to do with the up river movement or at least more than we realize. 

Mostly a trolling thing for my boat lately for the walleyes and saugers as the water is still almost summer time warm. This lets us cover water as we search for fish that are too on the move. We have a few spots that we go to intercept them on their up stream journey. We check them each day until we find one that holds fish, if they are there we stay and if not we move on to the next.

Crappies have been a focus most everyday at least for short stretches. The extended low water period we have had is one reason the bite has been good. We believe that with lower flows, the crappies work their way upstream out of the lake into the river itself. Smaller areas to target and another key factor is that we are not at the mercy of the wind up in the river like on the lake. We can usually get to and fish them more efficiently.

A variety of fish and people in pictures....Ryan and Jim Green, Jim Ritter, Dick Ridout, Paul Jones and J.D. Feilmeier, Roger, Adam and Matt Budney, Greg Liebelt, Leif Knecht and Les Ferris, Jeff and Ed Werneke and last Karen and Todd Montgomery.

Paul and J.D. are the only newcomers in these pics, everyone else are return fishermen. Thanks to everyone each week that comes back or joins me for the first time!

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