05 Jun

Conditions are good on the river with decent clarity and high but falling water levels.

Pulling a little bait, dragging jigs with bait but mostly crankbait fishing has produced in my boat over the past couple weeks. We've had a big fish occasionally and a lot of fish quite often as of late. It seems that our system is full of all sizes of walleyes/Saugers right now which is a great thing.

Fish are on the move daily with water levels on the steady fall. We've been jumping around a lot each day to catch our fish but generally find an area or two that are loaded up pretty good. 

Don Kubesh leads off the pics with a 27 incher.

Next is Mike, Dave and Mason McStott and Ron Johnson with a couple of Mason's fish.

Next is Monte Brown (29 inches) and John Utter with a couple dandies and a nice bunch.

Thomas and Jordan Chlan and Kyle Pavik in the following two.

Doug Wertz and David Hendrickson in the next three with a few good ones.

Kenny Stark and Mike Dochterman with a couple handfuls.

Nate Simon and Bridger in the last two with a big (27 1/2 ") and some eaters.

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