26 Sep

I will make this a short catch up report as I will post another one tomorrow.  This one will pertain to fishing one week ago but might sound a lot like the one posted tomorrow.  

The panfish bite continues to excel with both crappies and bluegills being very cooperative. The walleye bite is generally very slow but we do find some willing fish every now and then.

Pics below include Tom and Kathy Kinney with some gorgeous panfish and a few bonus eyes.  

Dave and Zach Zander are next with a nice batch of eyes, one big flathead (35#s) and as pretty a bluegill as you'll see.

Mitch Mcartor with a nice eye and He and John Utter with our catch from last Thursday.

Last is Nick, Tony and Theo Beck.  A three generation group of river anglers (very cool) with some great crappies. 

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